Dirk Peeters

At the age of 14, Dirk Peeters decided train as pastry chef, chocolatier and glacier at Ter Groene Poorte in Bruges. From the start, his ambition extended far beyond a career as a traditional baker. Dirk Peeters: "I wanted to learn from the greats. That's why, after completing my training, I went to work for 'Meilleures ouvriers de France' Marc Debailleul and Wittamer in Brussels. Since I had always wanted to develop my own business, in 1996 I took the leap with Didess. In the beginning, I worked alone and was responsible for the production, packaging, transport and sales of my biscuits and cakes myself. "My artisanal, high-quality specialties soon proved to be a great success in hospitality businesses all over Belgium. In the meantime, we currently have an enthusiastic team of over 40 employees for the production and promotion of an extensive range that is now available in more than 15 countries.

In 2012, Dirk Peeters and Rudi van Beylen founded the creative company R&D Food Revolution. R&D Food Revolution stands for innovation in the culinary world. Rudi van Beylen and Dirk Peeters have brought the flavours of Albert Adrià to the market, pooling their expertise and creativity to create original concepts that are already being used by many chefs today. R&D Food Revolution has one goal: "to be a supplier of creativity", through innovative, top-quality products.

In 2013, Dirk Peeters, Carlos Deleye and Roger van Damme launched the Frozen Elements dessert concept. A range of frozen dessert elements that can be used as building blocks for high-quality, cutting-edge, exclusive desserts. You can consistently rely on delicious dessert elements with the same unique taste, colour and texture.

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