This dessert is build of different Yellow 'Frozen Elements' and finished with Yopol. Originally presented in a self-made ice plate.

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Crumble Almond
  • Maxi Sfera Exotic
  • Mega Sfera White Chocolate Basil
  • Little Lemon
  • Mini Sfera Exotic
  • Mini Quenelle Exotic
  • Perfect Dessert Salsa Exotic Lime
  • Meringue Traditionnel
  • Decorette Meringue Passion
  • Crispy-Foam Lychee & Passion (R&D Food Revolution)
  • Ice Age Plate 100% Chef

Tip: Place the 'Ice Age plate from 100% Chef' under the ice plate so that it cannot melt at the bottom.