About us

Frozen Elements is a range of frozen dessert elements, developed by Carlos Deleye (Deleye products), Dirk Peeters (Didess), and "Best Pastry Chef of the World 2017" Roger van Damme. They can be used as building blocks of a high-quality and exclusive dessert. You are always assured of delicious dessert elements with the same unique taste, color and texture.

The perfect combination

A world chef and two fantastic companies, that was the start of a success story that is still unique in the market today.

Deleye products

Deleye products is known for its fine patisserie, perfect finishes and innovations. In addition, they also offer total concepts for large restaurant chains, both nationally and internationally.

Taste is an art ... and that will always be our slogan.


Dirk Peeters, has been making Belgian tradition for more than 20 years, high-quality and delicious cookies for the hospitality industry.

The main ambition of Didess is to share inspiration, creativity and expertise with chefs at home and abroad, resulting in a rich variety of artisanal and innovative products that have arisen from the art and love of the profession and with the greatest.

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